this time the process of creating this collection didn't involve the initial gathering walk, each element has been collected in different walks in the past, and the majority of them in its most glamorous style I should say: fresh, soft, juicy, colorful, with their unique scent.

this time, time has been the process.

some have been resting between book pages, others kept in little vases around the house, some inside the boxes where I keep them. now they all look aged, brownish, even their smell has turned a bit crispier, a bit melancholic. but their essence is still there, petrified, contained in their rigid existence.

now they comfortably lie on a bed of rustic linen, on display, sharing their beautiful decay. 

flora study is now available in the shop

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011



with a bit of both: summer and winter

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011


working on some new prints...
stay tuned :)

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011



I might be adding more nature photography to the shop soon
so far I've paired some images from my archives and created some bookmarks

you can view the entire collection of bookmarks here
and stay tuned for specials and coupons in the weeks to come
holiday shopping is around the corner ;)

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011



wood & bones
green forest
bits of autumn

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011