here is part two of this process
now after we've done the first steps we need a jar with water

gently put the package you've made with the fresh flowers and the wet piece of fabric into a glass jar filled with water *detail: it would be even a more organic process if you can do it with rain water
(but it didn't rain a single drop last summer here so...)

leave the jar open, place it in a place with full sun for at least two days
the water will turn a not so beautiful color, green-ish, yellow-ish, it will look dirty
after two days remove the flower-fabric package
untie it, and hand wash the fabric with regular soap
you can add some fabric softener if you wish

let it dry and see the magic color appear...

I thought the result was going to be a green-ish color 
but instead my fabric turned this peachy color with some yellow-ish and pink-ish specs

let me know your results if you make this, and what kind of flowers you used :)

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2011


  1. i dye fabric with cabbage.

  2. how beautiful! i just might share this lovely diy!!

  3. This post has been featured on my blog :)