The botanical prints series started back in 2009 as a way to display the collections of natural elements I had at home. Nature is beautiful in its greatness as in its tiny pieces. I like to isolate the elements to represent their uniqueness, their differences, their complexity or simplicity. They deserve a close up!

I'm a graphic designer from Rosario Argentina, the land of "asados", "mate" and "dulce de leche" (yes, I smuggle the last two in my travels :) y si me puedes escribir en espanol). I've always had a passion for photography and I began experimenting with it when I moved to the US with my husband 10 years ago.

I'm really grateful that my work has been featured in a variety of publications online and in the press around the world: Real Simple blog, Frankie Australia, Elle Interior Sweden, D Home Magazine, Free People blog. And since April 2014 some of my prints are available at West Elm Dallas!

I dream of expanding Miles of Light into a home and everyday accessories line, I'll be incorporating new items in the near future. You can expect to see some textiles and some wood around here.
Suggestions... are welcome!

I see my work as raw and honest, organic and clean.
And I hope it brings a bit of the goodness of nature to your home or somebody's life.

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I've finally created the about section on my Etsy store, you can take a look here

All work and images (c) Romina Bacci 2014

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